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Webhooks allow you to build or set up a web service (perhaps in relation to your CRM) which subscribes to certain events in OnlineFundraising.

When the listed events are triggered, OnlineFundraising will send a HTTP POST payload to the configured webhook URL from IPs listed here:

Please note webhooks may be delivered twice in rare occasions, if connection problems, bad timings etc. is experienced. Please also see delivery attempts below.

Please also note webhooks currently can only be configured by sending an email to, including your webhook URL. Thanks

Event types

Below is a list of events triggering webhooks:

EntityEvent typeDescription
contactcreatedThe Contact was created.

updatedThe Contact was updated.

archivedThe Contact was archived.

mergedThe Contact was merged into a target Contact. This callback will be sent for the Contact that is being archived.
agreementcreatedThe Agreement was created.

updatedThe Agreement was updated.

archivedThe Agreement was archived.
paymentMethodcreatedThe Payment Method was created.

activatedThe Payment Method was accepted by Contact

updatedThe Payment Method was updated by Merchant

rejectedThe Payment Method was rejected by Contact

cancelledThe Payment Method was cancelled by Merchant or Contact

failedThe Payment Method failed. Please see error description

expiredThe Payment Method expired

sessionExpiredThe Payment Method was expired. Used for MobilePay Subscriptions one-off that was not accepted in time.
subscriptioncreatedThe Subscription was created.

activatedThe Subscription was set active.

updatedThe Subscription was updated by Merchant.

expiredThe Subscription period ended.

cancelledThe Subscription was cancelled by Merchant or Contact.

onHoldThe Subscription was paused by Merchant.

restartedThe Subscription was restarted by Merchant.
paymentcreatedThe Payment was created.

chargedThe Payment was charged.

sessionExpiredThe Payment was expired. Used for MobilePay Subscriptions one-off that was not accepted in time.

rejectedThe Payment was rejected by Contact.

cancelledThe Payment was cancelled by Merchant.

refundedThe Payment was refunded by Merchant.

failedThe Payment failed.
addOncreatedThe AddOn was created.

updatedThe AddOn was updated.

cancelledThe AddOn was cancelled.

archivedThe AddOn was archived.
dataSetcreatedThe DataSet was created.

updatedThe DataSet was updated.

Webhook payload

One or more webhook objects may be delivered in a single request.

Example of POST delivery

    	"merchantId": "fundraisingbureauet",
	    "webhookEventGuid": "22ce6765-461f-4dd2-a3eb-xxxxxxxxxxxx",
    	"webhookGuid": "592d0752-dfda-46b8-aeec-xxxxxxxxxxxx",
    	"webhookAttemptGuid": "029b8cb0-9825-466d-a9db-xxxxxxxxxxxx",
    	"entityGuid": "b1123c69-cb84-4adf-98cf-xxxxxxxxxxxx",
    	"entityType": "contact",
    	"eventType": "created"
    	"merchantId": "fundraisingbureauet",
	    "webhookEventGuid": "a1dfb689-3273-49b7-9f5f-xxxxxxxxxxxx",
    	"webhookGuid": "07a05b9b-a699-4bee-9afe-xxxxxxxxxxxx",
    	"webhookAttemptGuid": "89efde72-4c01-4dd7-89c6-xxxxxxxxxxxx",
    	"entityGuid": "8e449c62-9b9d-4776-a2da-xxxxxxxxxxxx",
    	"entityType": "payment",
    	"eventType": "updated"

Webhook delivery attempts

Should your integration not respond at all or respond with a HTTP code other than 200 OK, then we will resend the webhook by an exponential backoff algorithm with the following seconds interval per attempt:

  1. 10
  2. 1800
  3. 3600
  4. 5400
  5. 7200
  6. 9000
  7. 10800
  8. 12600
  9. 14400
  10. 16200
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