Welcome to OnlineFundraising REST API documentation.

OnlineFundraising is an API-first approach to offering a one-stop Payment Engine to NGOs. This means that though you may be familiar with OnlineFundraising as a webinterface all functionalities are also available as direct API calls. These pages aim to describe how you may integrate our API with your services.

To the left we have split our entities into what we consider the basic and extended use of our API which you may prefer configuring in our interface.

We recommend that you start by reading through the basic entities to gain an immediate understanding of how the data is structured. Afterwards you should begin by implementing the Contact, Agreement, Payment, and Subscription entity in your project, so you are able to listen for their related webhooks triggered at certain events and handle the data as you please. You may wish to limit your webhook listener to the entities and events relevant for your project.


If you are looking for deprecated API documentation, please visit these:

A quick link to our latest API documentation can be found at: